Yogurt Drinks are Flying

It seems that US consumers have cultured a love of yogurt drinks as the latest research from Mintelreveals that sales of yogurt drinks have grown a healthy 62 percent in the five years 2011-2016.

A relative newcomer to the yogurt sector, yogurt drinks* are a standout in the yogurts market. ¬†Indeed,between 2011 and 2016 dollar sales of this refrigerator favorite are estimated to have grown 62 percent to reach $893 million. Volume sales at MULO (multi-outlet) rose 73 percent to 407 million pints. Sales of drinkable yogurt are expected to grow 11 percent in 2016, making this the second straight year of double-digit gains. – read more –¬†http://www.mintel.com/press-centre/food-and-drink/us-yogurt-drinks-segment-increases-62-in-5-years