U.S. consumers across the country devour record amount of organic in 2014 – See more at: https://ota.com/news/press-releases/18061#sthash.PfXGEUdH.dpuf

Annual OTA survey shows organic sales jump 11% to $39 billion Throughout America, folks can’t get enough of organic. From the Atlantic Seaboard to the Pacific Coast, from Detroit to Houston, households of all sizes and income levels, and individuals of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and political leanings are buying organic. Sales of organic food[…]


Lawsuit Challenges U.S.D.A. Rule Change on Organic Farming

A coalition of grocers, seed growers and consumer and environmental advocates filed suit on Tuesday against the Department of Agriculture over a change it made to the process used to determine which substances may be used in organic farming. In the suit, filed in Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, the group[…]