Eco-friendly consumers drive organic and local food sales

Factors like quality, price, availability and recommendations from family and friends continue to be stronger drivers of consumers’ purchase decisions. But green and eco-friendly attributes beat out other purchase factors in the report, such as a strong brand name, packaging or whether the brand supports the local community.

Manufacturers recognize the importance of eco-friendly products and operations, and supply chain sustainability has become a clear focus for many companies in their corporate responsibility reports. Besides boosting a brand’s reputation among consumers, sustainability efforts can also drive profitability for companies, such as energy efficiency, water conservation and reducing food waste.

Consumers typically hold organic products as the target for optimum eco-friendliness. Though Euromonitor found a potential stagnation, other reports have demonstrated record sales growth for organic products,¬†according to the Organic Trade Association’s 2016 Organic Industry Survey. That report estimates that organic products comprise 5% of the food supply, though that also includes organic produce and dairy, while Euromonitor¬†only considers packaged foods. read more –¬†