More good reasons to go organic

Farmers Ill-Prepared for New Antibiotic Regulations U.S. farmers and producers are unprepared for significant new federal regulations regarding antibiotic use, according to a report by the Farm Foundation. By the end of 2016, it will no longer be legal for farmers to dose livestock with antibiotics to promote growth. Going forward, large-animal veterinarians must approve[…]

Abundant and Growing Supply

Organic West Milk has plenty of domestic milk available – so why buy from abroad? Recent USDA news story – WEEK OF JANUARY 11 – 15, 2016 Global factors are increasingly important when organic dairy is examined because organic dairy imports are increasingly a factor in meeting U.S. demand that isn’t met by domestic organic dairy[…]

Artificial Out, Innovation In

Many of the world’s biggest food companies announced major changes this year — in what they purchase and how they manufacture their food. Some companies signaled to customers that they were “cleaning up” and simplifying their ingredient lists. Paneraditched dozens of additives. Even Lucky Charms and Butterfingers are getting minor makeovers: General Mills and Nestle[…]