Artificial: Public Enemy No. 1

Artificial ingredients have become more taboo than ever among the surging demographic of health-conscious consumers today. In response, more major food companies have announced plans to remove artificial ingredients, from Kellogg, and Campbell to Hershey and Nestle. “It’s really become more of an expectation that a product is going to be natural versus something that’s just[…]

ccof certified orgainic

Nutritional benefits of organic dairy are clear

Did you know? Organic dairy animals must be pasture-grazed throughout the grazing season. All of the supplemental feed organic dairy animals are fed must be organic, including no persistent pesticide use. Organic dairy animals are raised without antibiotics or endocrine disrupting chemicals such as hormones and steroids. Organic dairy products have higher amounts of omega-3[…]

FDA to Define “Natural” in Food Labeling

The Food and Drug Administration is seeking comments from the public on use of the term “natural” in the labeling of food products, including dietary supplements. This decision comes after receiving three citizen petitions asking it to define the term “natural” and one petition asking to prohibit the term from being used on food labels.[…]

Organic dairy production subject of $1.8m grant

Over the years, organic dairy producers have expressed frustration over a lack of available information on forage production. Research-based information regarding forage for their herds has been difficult to come by, which in turn, may have led to decreased profitability for their operations. Recently, researchers with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) received[…]