Is Your Restaurant Green?

It probably will not surprise you that in a recent survey among consumers regarding food trends environmental sustainability ranked first. The words fresh, organic and local led a list that also included children’s nutrition, gluten-free and artisan as descriptions related to the food people want when they go out to eat. Going green with your[…]

The Delicious Taste of $50 Oil

The New Year begins with a huge change in cost structure and assumptions. The big collapse in worldwide energy prices shifted wealth and power from oil producing nations to oil consuming nations. The surge in the U.S. shale industry comes just as economic slowdowns surfaced in Europe and in Asia. At the same time, the[…]

How Going Green Can Transform a Struggling McDonald’s

The leader of the fast food revolution, McDonald’s, is in full crisis mode after disappointing sales in the last six months. After their CEO reported last month the restaurant chain has “lost some of our customer relevance,” McDonald’s is running around like the Ham-Burglar searching for the next big thing. The biggest complaints from consumers[…]