Organic Milk Sales

AMS reports September 2016 total organic milk products sales at 218 million pounds, up 5.3% from the previous year. Sales are up 5.5%, January through September 2016, compared with the same months of 2015. September organic whole milk sales are 82 million pounds, up 17.5% from September last year. Year to date organic whole milk[…]

Our Founders

Consumers Prefer Craft Items

Consumers are looking for right-sized purchases and want to support small businesses rather than big brands, according to Mintel’s North America Consumer Trends 2016 report. Consumers prefer mom-and-pop stores and handmade items, leading to growth in farmers markets and giving consumers the ability to learn more about the maker or the production process. Authenticity and[…]

The Delicious Taste of $50 Oil

The New Year begins with a huge change in cost structure and assumptions. The big collapse in worldwide energy prices shifted wealth and power from oil producing nations to oil consuming nations. The surge in the U.S. shale industry comes just as economic slowdowns surfaced in Europe and in Asia. At the same time, the[…]